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Mark Latham: ALP is full of useful idiots assisting cultural Marxism

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Mark Latham, The Daily Telegraph

When Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots” in politics, he gave us a handy way of understanding Bill Shorten’s Labor Party.
As identity politics has taken hold of our major public institutions and private companies, Labor politicians have played along.
In wanting to help so-called “oppressed minorities”, they have fallen into the trap of naively assisting the far more dangerous agenda of cultural Marxism.
media_cameraMark Latham. Picture: Harold David

In the eyes of this far-Left movement, they are very useful idiots.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, most people thought Marxism had been defeated.
But this was only true of economic Marxism — government control of the means of production.
Like a scene from a Terminator movie, neo-Marxists reassembled themselves, morphing into an even more menacing force.
They adopted the tactics of the Italian writer Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937). Instead of seeking economic control, they pursued cultural control by manipulating the beliefs, values and language of society.
Gramsci proposed a “long march through the institutions”, steadily taking over universities, schools, media outlets and government agencies by appointing like-minded people to senior positions.
media_cameraKarl Marx argued for state control of production.
media_cameraAntonio Gramsci argued that socialists should first control culture, beliefs and values of a society before being able to control the economy.

Sound familiar?
This is what has happened to Australia over the past 20 years. Political correctness is being used to control our language.
Gender fluidity courses in schools are being used to teach young people there is no such thing as fixed, biological science.
Post-structuralist Marxism is now the dominant ideology in Australia’s universities, such that students are being made to “unlearn” all prior knowledge and to regard history, science and even education itself as “capitalist constructs”.
Employment quotas and theories of “unconscious bias” are dismantling merit-based recruitment, with people hired by the medieval habit of how they look (skin colour and gender).
The overall impact has been to create a society devoid of certainty, drained of institutional ballast.
Cultural Marxism aims to convince people their true beliefs and identities in life are being repressed, that in feeling anxious and uneasy, they need to rise up against the existing social order.
It’s a powerful movement that started in the underbelly of our institutions and now dominates around 80 per cent of Australian public life.
The rest of us, the 20 per cent, are the resistance.
I say these things from a background in the right-wing of the Labor Party, where I fought the Left internally on most issues.
But I’m not the only one saying it.
Peter Baldwin, the intellectual leader of the Socialist Left faction in the period of the Hawke and Keating governments, has been making similar points.
He has called for a new political alliance: for conservatives, libertarians and traditional social democrats to unite in preserving the values of the 17th-century Enlightenment.
To defend freedom, science and reason.
To fight for fraternity: bringing people together in common cause.
This is where Shorten and Labor have lost the plot. Identity politics is an incredibly divisive doctrine.
It pits Australians against each other: black versus white, female versus male, gay versus straight.
The neo-Marxists like it this way, as it creates the preconditions of political unrest: large parts of society agitating on spurious grounds.
Why would Labor ever endorse it?
media_cameraOpposition Leader Bill Shorten sees Aboriginals, migrants and females as victims, according to Mark Latham. Picture: Kym Smith

The founding purpose of social democracy is to encourage co-operation between people, transcending self-interest and superficial differences such as skin colour.
Under Shorten’s leadership, the ALP has ditched this kind of thinking.
It’s now a wholly owned subsidiary of identity politics, where questions of race, gender and sexuality are central to its policymaking.
Shorten believes Australia is so bigoted that a democratic vote on same-sex marriage would force large numbers of gay people to kill themselves — a false prophecy.
He sees Aboriginal, migrant and female Australians as victims of institutionalised prejudice.
He has said an ALP government will actively discriminate in favour of these groups.
This means more safe space segregation, more language policing, more radical gender theory, more job quotas and more damaging social division.
In effect, the Daniel Andrews Labor model in Victoria will be imported to Canberra.
These policies are not only wrong but unnecessary. Research has consistently shown Australia to be one of the most tolerant nations on earth.
A major study inside the Prime Minister’s Department earlier this year found that, if anything, we tend to overcompensate in supporting women, migrants and Aborigines, in giving them a fair go.
media_cameraMark Latham believes the Yes campaign is remarkably unconcerned by the need to protect religious freedoms. Picture: AAP

For the cultural Marxists, the purpose of identity politics is not to empower so-called minorities but to tear down perceived majorities — most notably, white straight men.
In the same-sex marriage debate, for instance, the Yes campaign is remarkably unconcerned by the need to protect religious freedoms.
Christians are expected to suffer into the future, just as gays claim to have suffered in the past.
Similarly, radical left feminists are not intent on empowering women, but disenfranchising men — to make them pay for past perceptions of privilege.
Recently, a Mark Latham’s Outsiders viewer wrote to me describing how, in his workplace in Melbourne, men were being sacked under a policy of eliminating “stale, pale males”.
Division of this kind is sparking bitter resentment.
It’s destroying social capital and the cause of Labor.
The one person with a moral duty to speak out against it is Shorten.
Yet he sees his role as egging it on.
This is a stunning betrayal of social democracy: a Labor leader who has lit a Bonfire of the Vengeances, with Australians fighting each other on the basis of race, gender and sexuality.
Truly a useful idiot.
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sydney University's Descent Into Dark Ignorance

The Evolutionists have it the wrong way around. They did not evolve from ignorant brutes. Instead, they have finally evolved into ignorant brutes.

Case in point:

Bella d’Abrera: Sydney Uni wants students to unlearn civilisation

Australia’s oldest and most prestigious institution of higher education, the University of Sydney, has reached an all- time low. In a remarkable act of institutional suicide, the university has introduced a compulsory initiative to “unlearn”.
In one fell swoop, it has done ­itself out of a job.
Under the guise of promoting ­research and its role in the changing world, the driving force behind the enterprise is to teach students to “challenge the established, and question the accepted”.
media_cameraDr Bella d'Abrera. Picture: Stuart McEvoy for the Australian.

In other words, it’s telling students to forget any preconceived ideas they might have about such things as “truth”, “love”, “medicine” and “criminal”, and to ­replace them with new ones.
Out with the old, in with the new. Under the section entitled “Criminal”, the website informs us that protecting our borders is not really necessary.
And if you think “truth” is ­objective, think again.
According to the university, we live in a post-truth world, where everything is true and everything is false.
One of its Orwellian “Post Truth” initiatives is to be the authority for fact-checking fake news. But how will it do this if it doesn’t believe in truth or facts in the first place?
Unsurprisingly, the section on “love” is a pitch for same-sex marriage. Modern “medicine” it continues, might just be overrated.
media_cameraThe Quadrangle at the University of Sydney. Picture: AAP

On Tuesday, the university ventured out of academia into the world of commerce by issuing a press release in which a leading ­researcher at the University of Sydney Business School urged both students and the rest of society to unlearn the traditional idea of profit and loss in order to build a “sustainable future”.
Just how depriving Australians of the ability to earn a living will “help the community” is an unfathomable mystery.
It’s now clear that even the ideas of economics are being railed against in order to perpetuate ­issues such as climate change, ­sustainability and identity politics nonsense.
Speaking of money, will the university continue to accept the federal Government’s Australian Awards for outstanding contributions to Learning? Surely this would completely contradict this campaign of unlearning.
The Unlearn initiative is completely and utterly at odds with the purpose of education, which is to impart knowledge and to hone the mind.
It’s the exact opposite of curiosity, of progress, of the human thirst for knowledge and a desire to improve both our lot and the lot of others.
Instead, it is promoting unlearning, unknowing and encouraging incuriousness.
So much for the Enlightenment. Without knowledge, it’s impossible to be creative.
When William Charles Wentworth, who is no doubt turning in his grave, first proposed the idea of Australia’s first university in 1850, he envisaged an establishment in which all Australians from every class would be given the opportunity to “become great and useful in the destinies” of this country.
READ MORE: Tim Blair on the rules of a post-truth era

It’s hard to see how students who have been uneducated and deprived of knowledge at the taxpayers’ ­expense will be of any use to ­anyone, let alone the future of ­Australia.
The University of Sydney has gone from teaching students how to think, to what to think, to not to think at all. It is going to produce a generation of ignoramuses.
What then, is the point of sending your children to school at all, if everything they learn will be ­undone at university? This brave new world will be an easy one for academics who might otherwise be expected to know things.
But it would be a mistake to attribute this lunacy only to self-interest. The entire escapade is part of a broader, postmodern movement which has manifested itself as identity politics. Identity politics is a critique of our established institutions and norms, such as equality before the law, parliamentary democracy and freedom of speech.
Our established values, customs and history don’t represent the ­diverse, racial, cultural and gender identities of today, so they must be destroyed.
Identity politics is revolutionary. It says that these institutions are used to oppress, and as long as they exist, groups in society will suffer. So they must be torn down and we must start again.
media_cameraRacks of human skulls and bones from slaughtered Cambodians as part of the Khmer Rouge. Picture: Getty Images

During the French Revolution, after the abolition of the monarchy, they declared it to be Year I. When the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia in 1975, they declared it to be Year Zero. This might be Year -1, the complete negation of history.
And the proponents of this ­ideology have given up being subtle about it. In this latest operation, the university has openly adopted the pattern of teaching which has been eating away at academia since the 1960s.
It’s there, written large on the website.
The “unlearn” initiative is about “breaking down old rules so we can write new ones”.
This is not about freedom, but rather indoctrinating students into a new religion of ignorance, a new kind of groupthink.
The proponents of unlearning ask: “Imagine what could be possible if we all learn to unlearn.”
But if we go down this regressive road of unlearning, nothing will be possible at all.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pray to archangels for protection from devil, pope says

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Pope Francis said the archangels play "an important role in our journey toward salvation." For instance, Michael has been tasked with waging war against the devil, who is a "nuisance in our life." The devil seduces everyone, like he did Eve, with convincing arguments and temptations, the pope said, adding "The Lord asks (Michael) to wage war ...and Michael helps us wage war, to not be seduced."
    Pray to archangels for protection from devil, pope says
In this file photo, Pope Francis celebrates morning Mass in the chapel of his residence at the Domus Sanctae Marthae at the Vatican. (Credit: CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano.)
ROME — The archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael help encourage and accompany Christians on life’s journey and defend them from the devil, Pope Francis said.
While the three archangels serve the Lord and contemplate his glory, God also “sends them to accompany us on the road of life,” the pope said in his homily at morning Mass in the Domus Sanctae Marthae, Sept. 29, the archangels’ feast day.
They have “an important role in our journey toward salvation,” he said. For instance, Michael has been tasked with waging war against the devil, who is a “nuisance in our life.”

The devil seduces everyone, like he did Eve, with convincing arguments and temptations, the pope said.

“The Lord asks (Michael) to wage war,” he said, and “Michael helps us wage war, to not be seduced.”

Gabriel, on the other hand, is the bearer of good news, the news of salvation. He, too, is with the people and helps when “we forget” the Gospel and forget that “Jesus came to be with us” to save us.

Raphael, the pope said, is the one who “walks with us,” protecting people from the “seduction of taking the wrong step.”

The pope asked that people pray: “Michael, help us in the fight; everyone knows what battle they are facing in their lives today. Every one of us knows the fundamental battle — the one that puts salvation at risk. Help us.

“Gabriel, bring us news, bring us the Good News of salvation, that Jesus is with us, that Jesus has saved us, and give us hope,” he continued. “Raphael, take us by the hand and help us on the journey to not go the wrong way, to not remain immobile, always walking, but helped by you.”

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tony Abbott: Cultural values at stake in same-sex debate

Tony Abbott, The Daily Telegraph

No one wants to seem harsh towards gay friends and family ­members which is why most people’s initial ­inclination was to say “yes” to same-sex marriage.
But that’s starting to change as more and more of us realise that this issue is being exploited by the left-wing activists who are waging war on our way of life.
The issue is less same-sex marriage itself than the consequences for parental choice, freedom of speech and freedom of religion that it will bring in its train.
media_cameraTony Abbott has warned changing the Marriage Act will have far reaching consequences.

Very few Australians would want a Catholic adoption agency to close down, an orthodox Jewish school to have its funding threatened, or parents to be denied information about sex education classes in their children’s schools, but these have all flowed from enshrining same-sex marriage in the law of comparable countries.
No one should underestimate the scale of the moral and cultural shifts that have accompanied the Left’s “long march through the ­institutions”.
Of course, the placards “vote yes for same-sex marriage and for (so-called) safe schools” misrepresent the views of most same-sex ­marriage supporters but social ­re-­engineering is certainly the agenda of the countercultural warriors who are driving this campaign.
They don’t want to join marriage; they want to change it.
The more marriage is broadened out, the less it means; but once it means almost anything, it can end up meaning nothing much at all and a great pillar of society designed originally for the protection of women and the nurturing of children has been kicked away.
When I was growing up in the 1960s, there was no doubt a tough and judgmental aspect to life in Australia where much was ­improperly denied and where many were wrongly kept in a subordinate place. I rejoice at the freedom, the opportunity, and the acceptance that everyone can now take for granted; but I fear a suffocating new orthodoxy as the social pendulum swings from one ­extreme to another.
For all the narrow-mindedness of the recent past, at least there was a clear understanding that the concept of marriage as the loving union of one man with one woman, preferably for life and usually dedicated to wellbeing of their children, was an essential part of keeping in check the selfish and exploitative side of humanity.
Everywhere we look, what was self-evident just a generation ago is now under assault; and we’re not just junking old prejudices in favour of sensible things like allowing women to tackle numerous roles once reserved for men.
It’s becoming a different world where gender is no longer objectively set but is whatever people choose; where prepubescent children are permitted (as far as they can) actually to change their sex; where doctors are expected to ­assist people to die rather than help them to live; and where schoolchildren can’t give each other Christmas cards lest that seem unfair to non-Christians.
These are just some of the ­bewildering moral transformations that are becoming the new normal in this brave new world.
Same-sex marriage is the frontal attack on traditional values that can only take place because of the infiltration and erosion that’s been going on for years.
So much social change has happened more or less without anyone noticing at the time: IVF for singles; adoption for gays; the evolution of fathers’ day and mothers’ day into “special person’s” days.
But thanks to an Abbott government commitment, that the Turnbull government has honoured as best it can with the postal plebiscite, the public are finally being asked what they think.
And due to the bullying and intolerance of the “yes” forces — the GetUp!!!!! petition to strike off a doctor concerned about family values; the sacking of a young Christian girl who posted “it’s OK the say ‘no’” on social media; the ­notion that anti-SSM MPs should be “hate-f … ed” out of their alleged homophobia; the hounding of ­Israel Folau for daring to speak out and much more — the public are ­beginning to sense that the “love is love” campaign isn’t quite as innocent as it sounds.
Of course, the “yes” case has all the money and all the celebrities on their side.
The Abbott family’s ballots ­arrived in the post along with a glossy brochure from some Liberal leaders urging a “yes” vote.
Millions of people’s (silent) ­mobile phone numbers have been bombarded by “yes” text messages.

Tony Abbott describes his attack as "a shock"

Dozens of big companies are spending shareholders’ money on one side of this argument.
Even sporting codes are trying to frogmarch their followers into voting just one way.
We’ll soon find out how influential the politically correct establishment has been.
My instinct is that Australians still might surprise everyone and vote against being lectured about what to do.

Tony Abbott is MP for Warringah and the former prime minister

Friday, September 22, 2017

Once more, Pope Francis loudly and publicly takes on the mob


On the 27th anniversary of the death of Italian “kid-judge” Rosario Livatino, killed by the mafia at the age of 38 in 1990, Pope Francis met for the first time ever with the Italian Parliamentary Antimafia Commission at the Vatican where he presented a three level program to fight mafia and corruption in Italy and in the world.
 Once more, Pope Francis loudly and publicly takes on the mob
Pope Francis talks with Rosy Bindi, President of the Italian parliamentary Antimafia Commission, during an audience in the Clementine Hall at the Vatican, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017. (Credit: L’Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP.)
ROME – For many Americans, hearing a pope denounce the mafia may seem obvious and hardly newsworthy, akin to someone taking on the Nazis or the KKK. In Italy, however, where mafias still loom large, especially in the southern part of the country, and where mafia dons have long appropriated both the symbols of Catholicism and ties to ecclesiastical elites to reinforce their grip on power, a pope breaking with that history still makes a splash.
So on Thursday, when Pope Francis met with the Italian Parliamentary Commission against Mafias, the first meeting of its kind, it made national headlines.
“First of all, I wish to turn my thoughts to all those people in Italy who have paid for their fight against mafias with their lives,” the pontiff said.
Those words had a special poignancy, since the purpose of the audience was in part to remember three judges, all assassinated by the mafia, who are now regarded as Italian heroes: Rosario Livatino, Giovanni Falcone, and Paolo Borsellino.
The pope used the words “Servant of God” to describe Livatino, a baby-faced magistrate mercilessly shot by the mafia while trying to escape through a field on September 21, 1990. The strength of Livatino’s Catholic faith was such that in a speech on May 9, 1993, Pope John Paul II referred to him as “a martyr to justice and indirectly to the faith.”
The “Kid Judge,” as he’s known in Italy, is not only the youngest magistrate to be killed by the mafia, but he might soon become the first Italian magistrate ever to be beatified.
Francis recently overhauled the rules for Catholic sainthood, creating a new pathway called the “offer of life,” for cases in which people freely give up their lives for others.
He lived his “entire life in the light of the Gospel,” Valentina Garlandi, president of the association “Friends of the Judge Rosario Livatino,” told Crux in an email, adding that he “did his job while uniting the logic of justice with that of the Christian faith.”
Garlandi pointed to the “great importance” of the message behind the audience at the Vatican, which occurred on the 27th anniversary of Livatino’s murder. If the kid-judge were to be beatified, “it would send a very strong message” – because, she added, “it could offer a further encouragement to those who fight the mafia.”
Francis has been outspoken against the blight of mafia organizations in Italy and around the world. He has declared mafiosi to be excommunicated, and underscored the importance that they be barred from religious roles such as serving as godfathers for baptisms.
According to Garlandi, the pope’s crusade is having an effect, adding that, “it definitely depends on the reaction of the community and the response of young people, who are the present and the future of our country.”
“We will never be vigilant enough over this abyss, where the human person is exposed to the temptation of opportunism, deceit and fraud, made more dangerous by the refusal to put oneself up for discussion,” he said.
“When one closes himself in self-sufficiency, it is very easy to become self-complacent and to think oneself above everything and everyone,” Francis said.
Maria Rosaria Bindi, a politician of the Italian Democratic Party and president of the bicameral commission against mafias since 2013, told local reporters that the pope’s statement came from the heart of man, because “it’s there that the rotten plant of the mafia’s evil is born.”
In his speech, Francis presented what can be defined as a “program” at three levels to fight mafia groups and their roots in corruption.
The first step was combating politics “bent toward party interests and unclear agreements,” leading to “suffocating the call of conscience, to trivialize evil, to confuse truth with lies and to take advantage of the role of public responsibility that one holds.”
The pope illustrated an alternative political system, which works to “ensure a future of hope and to promote the dignity of everyone,” and makes the fight against mafias its main concern.
“For this purpose, it becomes decisive to oppose in every way the grave problem of corruption, which with contempt toward general interest, represents the fertile ground where mafias take root and develop,” he said. Corruption always finds a way to justify itself, presenting itself as the ‘normal’ condition, the solution of the ‘clever,’ the road toward achieving one’s goals,” Francis said in the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican.
The pontiff went on to attempt to “scientifically” describe corruption, which, he said, has a “contagious and parasitic nature because it does not feed off the good things it creates, but what it deprives and steals.”
The pope defined corruption as a habit, “built on the idolatry of money and the commodification of human dignity,” that must be fought by all means, and with the same impetus that defines the fight against mafias.
The pope’s program continued at the economic level, where Francis called politicians to correct and eliminate the mechanisms that foster inequality and poverty.
“Today we can no longer talk of the fight against the mafias without addressing the enormous problem of finance that now dominates over democratic rules, and thanks to which those criminal realities invest and multiply the already substantial profits earned by their trafficking: drugs, weapons, human beings, toxic waste,” the pope said.
Finally the pope pointed to a “new civil conscience,” which he said is the only way to achieve “ a true freedom from mafias.”
This threefold program reflects the thought and commitment that Francis has applied to trying to find a solution to organized crime, which is tied to many other concerns dear to the pontiff, such as the environment and the migrant crisis.
“The speech by the Holy Father is a real program against mafias, not only in our country,” Bindi told Italian media outlets. “I believe that his line is very sharp and clear: in order to fight mafias today we must fight corruption, we must give new rules to the financial market, we must fight poverty, and we must assure fundamental rights to all people.”
Going full circle, the last words of the pope were aimed at ensuring the safety and protection of the witnesses who risk their lives to denounce the mafia. Francis called on politicians to facilitate a way of allowing those who want to denounce or escape a mafia setting without fear of repercussion or vendetta.
“What have I done to you?” were the last words of Livatino to his assassins before dying at the age of 38. On July 19, 2011, the then-Archbishop of Agrigento in Sicily, Carmelo Ferraro, signed the decree necessary to officially begin the diocesan process for the canonization of Livatino.
Today that dream seems to be a step closer.
Father Giuseppe Livatino, a cousin of the judge and postulant for the canonization cause, specified that the process “is not yet closed,” and that the material will have to be reviewed by the Sacred Congregation of Causes for Saints at the Vatican, and only then will its prefect, Italian Cardinal Angelo Amato, present the documents for final approval by the pope.
All elements lead to the belief that when that moment comes and Livatino’s case is dropped on Francis’s desk, the pope’s signature will almost certainly follow.
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Vote "Yes" or else

Pro and anti marriage equality campaigners clash outside Syd

Yes campaigners show their true colours

SO now we see why rainbow warriors didn’t want a people’s vote on same-sex marriage.
It was because they knew we’d see their true, intolerant colours.
Yes campaign HQ knows thuggery won’t win over Middle Australia, but their foot-soldiers are revealing themselves as fascistic bullies who vilify and intimidate anyone who dares to disagree.
Last week’s abusive exhibition by same-sex marriage activists at Sydney University was the clearest example yet.
On Thursday, about 15 students, including members of the uni’s Catholic Society, set up an information table on the main campus thoroughfare with placards saying: “It’s OK to Say No”.
They offered free kebabs and two large bowls of delicious Lebanese hummus made by one of their mothers.
It was the first time the No campaign has had a presence on campus where “Marriage Equality” stalls have featured almost every day this semester.
“The idea was pretty much to give the No campaign perspective on campus,” said 21-year-old IT student, Francis Tamer, one of the organisers.
“The message was that it’s OK to vote No. We weren’t looking to convince people how to vote. We’re just saying its OK to have your own opinion.”
After an hour 40 to 60 activists arrived with a megaphone, led by “Queer officers” of the Students’ Representative Council, which has an annual budget of $1.7 million.
For the next five hours they screamed abuse at the Catholic students, calling them: “homophobes” “bigots” “neo-Nazis” “gay-bashers” and chanting: “Bigot scum have got to go” and “We will fight, we will win, put the bigots in the bin”.
They up-ended the table of kebabs and threw bowls of hummus on the ground. They stole pamphlets and placards, threw condoms and glitter at the students, chalked “F..k off bigots” on the path, swore and yelled anti-Christian abuse:
“You don’t belong on campus. You are bigots and haters:”
The abuse was recorded on video.
One activist in a yellow T-shirt, who we have chosen not to name, is seen shouting at Tamer: “I wish I could kick you in the f.. ing face. That would be so satisfying.”
“They wanted to provoke us,” says Tamer. “But I told our members don’t engage.
“A lot of people have now seen the Yes campaign for what it really is… If this is what’s happening now, what will happen later, after [same-sex marriage] is enshrined in law?”
Tamer, who is almost 6 foot 4, spent most of the day with his hands in his pockets, showing admirable restraint.
“I’m used to the verbal abuse,” said another organiser, Tony Mattar, 26.
“But I wasn’t expecting the violence… I didn’t think they’d go that far. We couldn’t even talk with them.”
It was Mattar’s mother who made the hummus which was thrown on the ground by the rainbow ferals.
They smeared it on his clothes, the back of his neck and his face. They also kicked him and others in the shins to get them to drop their placards.
Later in the afternoon, an activist ran full pelt at Mattar, while another male tried to grab his placard. He managed to stay upright but, at this stage, watching NSW police intervened.
“There were times I did get mad,” said Tamer. “It’s not easy to cope with that for five hours straight. But we knew we were representing more than just ourselves…
“I thought everyone who walked past, they’re going to rethink and reconsider — and see maybe it’s the Yes campaign that lacks love.”
“[The other side] are trying to convince people there is only one moral way and if you think any other way you are evil, you are a bigot, you are hateful.”
“But we don’t want anyone to think it’s not OK to vote No.
“You can’t make the whole country not vote No in their own homes. At the end of the day your vote is your vote.”
He says the Yes campaign assumes they have locked up the youth vote.
“But we want to show that the university and young people are not owned by the LGBTI agenda, we are not owned by the left. We can think for ourselves.”
The University’s Queer Action Collective issued a statement saying there was no violence, “aside from police aggression”, and claiming Catholic Society members had compared LGBTI relationships to “bestiality” and paedophilia.
Tamer and Mattar say that nothing of the kind was ever said. There is no evidence to the contrary in two hours of video I have seen, provided by Tamer and the university union.
What the videos do show is that members of the Catholic Society were subjected to vilification, intimidation, and threats “because of views they hold on the [marriage] survey or in relation to their religious conviction,” as defined by emergency legislation rushed through parliament last week.
Yet Attorney-General George Brandis’s office did not respond to questions on Friday about whether the legislation should apply.
Tamer and Mattar are deciding whether to take their complaints further. But the abuse they copped was a better advertisement for a No vote than any number of kebabs or pamphlets.

IT’S OK for Ian Thorpe to front the Yes campaign for same-sex marriage.
It’s OK for the Wallabies, the NRL, the ARU, the AFL, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, Football Federation Australia to support a Yes vote.
It’s OK for the nation’s sporting bodies to bring politics into an arena which previously has been a haven from the troubles of the world.
It’s OK to disenfranchise a significant percentage of players and supporters in the process.
But it’s not OK for Wallaby star Israel Folau respectfully to disagree.
“I love and respect all people for who they are and their opinions, but personally, I will not support gay marriage” he tweeted last week to a chorus of criticism, calling him, among other insults, a “bad human being”.
Nor is it OK for former tennis champion Margaret Court, admittedly less respectfully, to state her opposition to same sex marriage.
The backlash has now resulted in the Cottesloe Tennis Club ditching her as patron.
The club has cited various excuses for why it has disrespected its most accomplished hometown champion, but no one is fooled.
We recognise tyranny, even when it comes in rainbow colours.

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